Local    Christ-Centered

Besides being local and Christ-centered, here’s a few reasons why we think that the schools of SWMLS are the right fit for you and your child.

Caring Community

StPauls-Teacher-01We operate caring, safe, small schools.  Each of our schools is directly connected to a church, churches, or a federation of churches.  That means not only are the teachers a part of encouraging students toward success, but pastors, congregation members, and people at every other church are interested in these students’ success.

Our small school and class sizes allow for more personal attention that a large school is simply unable to provide.  Tutors are available at our schools where even more specialized attention is needed.

Student Success

CourthouseOur students engage in critical thinking appropriate to their age.  We are part of one of the largest Christian school networks in the country, and our Lutheran schools place 1st in five of eight categories among nine other school groups, including other religious and state schools.

Read more about our academics.


MLHS-groupAt our schools, you will generally find strong parent to parent relationships.  You will find supportive parent-teacher relationships, encouraging student-teacher relationships, and faith-based student-pastor relationships.  Most important is the relationship Christ has to each one of our faculty, parents, and students.  Christ is present for each of us in His Word and Sacraments, forgiving us even when our relationships aren’t so strong, supportive, or encouraging, and then enabling and strengthening us to be more strong, supportive, and encouraging.

‘Law and Gospel’ Approach to Education

StPauls-Students-02Lutheran schools, like the people who learn and teach in them, are not perfect.  Yet, the message at Lutheran schools is forgiveness and grace.  That Christ, who was perfect because we could not be, died on a cross to atone for all of our sins.  Through His Word which is taught in our schools, the forgiveness, life, and salvation that Christ won is brought to each student.  This means that in all of our classes, the law will be applied in its sternness to students who are disobedient.  But this also means that the gospel will be taught in all its sweetness, and forgiveness applied to those students who repent.

This makes Lutheran schools great places to grow, not only academically, but spiritually.

What’s next?

  1. View our calendar for upcoming registration dates and open houses at our various locations.
  2. Contact the schools to schedule a visit or registration if those dates don’t work.